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The stress associated with infertility can reduce your patients’ happiness and quality of life.  And, importantly when we are talking about ART, stress and distress when undergoing infertility predicts dropout from treatment (Domar, 2004) – which can lower their likelihood of achieving their desired outcome.  

Two thirds of couples do not complete three cycles of even no-cost IVF, citing the “emotional cost” as the reason for dropping out (Hammarberg et al., 2001; Olivius et al., 2002; Van den Broeck et al., 2009).

Our programs provide support and coping resources to make the patient’s journey less stressful and more calm.

We aim to make evidence-based mental health support readily accessible, providing collaborative support for women on their fertility and parenthood journey.

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Fertility Physicians

Enhance your patient experience with emotional and behavior support for those receiving Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment.

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obstetrics groups

Support your patients through struggling to conceive and/or pregnancy loss.

mental health providers

Provide specialized adjunctive support for your clients struggling with infertility or pregnancy after loss.


Fertility physicians

Assisted reproductive tehnoloiges (ARTs) have advanced tremendously, with good success rates. However, up to 2/3 of patients drop out before the recommended course (even when cycles are financially covered), citing mental health reasons as the top reason for drop-out.

Remolina provides on-demand coping courses that walk alongside ART cycles, helping patients cope and reducing the stress of the journey. 

We would love to partner with your practice to make mental health support an integrated part of their ART journey.

"Dr. Swiecicki is well-informed, professional, and well-prepared. She is a wealth of information.."

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Obstetrics groups

One in 8 women experience infertility and 1 in 4 will experience miscarriage.  These experiences have profound impacts on their mental health.

Women’s first stop is their OBGYN.  Remolina has resources for coping when struggling to conceive, and support for managing TTC and pregnancy after loss.

We would love to partner with your practice to make mental health support an integrated part of their parenthood journey.

"These programs are very needed and Carole has the right balance of personal experience and professional expertise in the field. I am so happy she has created these resources.."

Marissa Lawton, Therapist

Mental Health Providers

1 in 8 women experience infertility and 1 in 4 pregnancies are estimated to end in miscarriage.  These experiences put women at higher risk for depression and anxiety.  

Remolina offers consultation for therapists to integrate fertility support into your treatment course, and you and your clients can access our on-demand fertility cycle support programs as adjunctive care during this diffuclt time.

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