coping while trying to conceive (TTC)

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Not conceiving after trying can be both defeating and overwhelming.

Hearing “relax and it will happen” doesn’t help – even though we’ve all heard it.

1 in 8 women struggle to conceive. It is stressful, and even though it is common, many women don’t talk about it.

But there are research-supported ways to reduce the stress.

You don't have to just "power through"- you can feel calm and prepared for building your family.

Hello! I am Dr. Carole Swiecicki, a psychologist who has devoted my career to helping people overcome trauma. After experiencing my own infertility journey, I was stunned by the lack of research-supported resources to help with the emotions that come with struggling to conceive and infertility. I started jotting notes about what might help. I read scientific articles and leaned upon my experience as a national trainer in evidence-based trauma therapy to dream up what I thought would make this sometimes-miserable journey more bearable.

I made it my goal to make evidence-based infertility support available.

This mini-course lays the foundation to help you cope wherever you are on your Trying-To-Conceive journey.

The research is clear – most effective methods for coping with stressful or traumatic life events with skills fall into a handful of categories. I’ve organized these into my signature, Uplift Coping Framework™, a 5-part framework taught in this mini-course, full of research-infused strategies to support you on your journey.


Coping while TTC

Research-driven support to help determined women who are struggling to conceive go from overwhelmed, sad, and stressed to prepared and calm.

this mini-course is:

Evidence-supported information covering the five primary categories most people use to cope with stressful and traumatic life events - so you have an expanded way to actually relax and manage your journey.


Proven mind-body strategies for managing stress and isolation associated with TTC, developed by an expert the field who has been there on the infertility rollercoaster - to reduce stress, sadness and increase your sense of peace and readiness.

This mini-course is NOT
Medical Advice

This isn’t a replacement for a reproductive endocrinologist or a solid medical workup. Instead, it’s meant to help with the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies struggling to conceive—and to make it easier.


Therapy involves a one-on-one relationship where your history and symptoms are assessed, and includes a treatment plan tailored to reducing your specific symptoms.

Old wives’ tales

We’ve all been to the message boards and FB groups where people give opinions. Those can help with not feeling alone, but they’re usually based on opinions rather than research. This program was developed by a member of the Association for Reproductive Medicine Mental Health Professional Group and is based on strong science. Where research exists, we’ll point you to it. Where it doesn’t, we’ll be honest about that.

Lip service

Peer support and encouraging words can be valuable. But where this differs from other programs is the focus on research-proven skills for coping with infertility and your current cycle. You won’t find a simplistic “relax and believe and it will happen” mentality.

when you sign up for

Coping while TTC mini-course

You will receive:


A brief introductory video describing the framework and course components


A 30-minute on-demand lesson delving into the Uplift Coping Framework™, along with coping activities


A calming audio/video download


A 30-page workbook covering the coping framework that supports the recorded lesson to help you infuse these skills in your new calm routine. You can download and print the workbook, including:

  • Journal worksheets
  • Connection exercises to help you gain support
  • Planning activity sheets to help you prepare for ART appointments

Who it's for

This is for you if:
But it’s not a great fit for those who:
You are struggling to function.

This is NOT a replacement for therapy.

Are looking for advice about medications and procedures.

We don’t provide medical advice – that’s best coming from your physician or Reproductive Endocrinologist. You can find a fertility clinic by going to sart.org.

Are you ready to feel calm and prepared for the next steps in your journey?

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Coping while Trying To Conceive mini-Course

A Research-Informed 5-Part Framework
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  • Lifetime Access to On-Demand Lessons
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • 7 Minute Calming Relaxation Download
  • Journal Prompt Worksheets
  • ART Appointment Planning Sheets
  • Connection Exercises
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