Stress Management Foundations

You could power through.
But you don't have to do this without support.

Not conceiving after trying can be both defeating and overwhelming.

Hearing “relax and it will happen” doesn’t help – even though we’ve all heard it.

1 in 8 women struggle to conceive. It is stressful, and even though it is common, many women don’t talk about it.

But there are research-supported ways to reduce the stress.

You don't have to just "power through"- you can feel calm and prepared for building your family.

Hello! I am Dr. Carole Swiecicki, a psychologist who has devoted my career to helping people overcome trauma. After experiencing my own infertility journey, I was stunned by the lack of research-supported resources to help with the emotions that come with struggling to conceive and infertility. I started jotting notes about what might help. I read scientific articles and leaned upon my experience as a national trainer in evidence-based trauma therapy to dream up what I thought would make this sometimes-miserable journey more bearable.

I made it my goal to make evidence-based infertility support available.

This mini-course lays the foundation to help you cope wherever you are on your Trying-To-Conceive journey.

The research is clear – most effective methods for coping with stressful or traumatic life events with skills fall into a handful of categories. I’ve organized these into my signature, Uplift Coping Framework™, a 5-part framework taught in this mini-course, full of research-infused strategies to support you on your journey.

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