Yes, you can actually feel calm on your journey to build a family

Remolina Fertility provides research-supported education, coping skills, and community support for women who are trying to conceive


Struggling to conceive can be hard – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Remolina Fertility provides research-supported information and support to make this family-building phase of your journey more manageable. Research shows that our mental health follows us along our

 journey – prioritizing wellness in this phase makes today easier, and puts you on a path to greater joy and fulfillment in your next phases, too. While we wish conceiving were easy, we are happy to help make this part of your life less stressful.

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Courses & Programs

Our courses and programs are designed to walk alongside and support you on your trying to conceive journey.  If this is new, we offer a Coping With Infertility course that will help build your personal “coping toolbox” to manage the 

emotions on this journey. Additional courses provide evidence-supported information – linked to different cycles/interventions – on what is common physically, how that impacts our emotions, and how to cope and support your wellness.

Coping While TTC: Mini-Course

Struggling to conceive taxes even the strongest of coping resources. 

Expand your array of coping tools by learning our signature, research-informed Uplift Coping Framework (supported by research!) – including strategies and exercises to apply these to your life.

Cycle Support Programs

Each month or assisted reproductive cycle (such as IUI or IVF) has components that impact your hormones – and mood. We offer cycle support for women in each type of cycle that pairs coping strategies and information to make the cycle easier to manage. 

Coming Soon

Remolina Membership

We are building a research-driven membership program applying our signature framework: Science, Skills and Support.  We aim to help determined women who are struggling to conceive go from overwhelmed, unhappy, and stressed to calm and prepared for your trying to conceive (TTC) cycle.

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