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Parenting is both incredibly rewarding and challenging. Our courses and programs walk alongside you in your parenting journey, supporting the emotional and behavioral wellness of both you and your child. Each program is designed by a psychologist with attention to 1) the latest research on proven methods and 2) the parent-child relationship (attachment), as it is essential for child well-being and calm behaviors.

Thriving Together™ Parenting Program

This course is a comprehensive, research-based approach to:

  • Building strong parent-child bonds
  • Reducing problematic behaviors
  • Managing stress (for both parent and child)

All three components are included because each is an essential piece in child and caregiver well-being.

Building the Parent-Child Connection

Parents have a lot to do! And you want to build connection with your child even when you have a lot on your plate.

This brief, free downloadable resource shares 5 attachment-focused, research-based practical tips designed to promote a sense of closeness and understanding between you and your child and improving your child’s emotional well-being

Behavior Harmony Blueprint

This free, 21-minute video lesson helps you  uncover what most parenting approaches miss – WHAT is the reason for your child’s challenging behavior?

All behaviors serve a purpose. And if your child is engaging in challenging behaviors – the only way to address them effectively, and while preserving your essential relationship with them – is to first identify the purpose.

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Remolina Membership

We are building a space where parents can connect with and support one another (and have access to the full suite of Remolina programs). Click to learn as soon as it opens.

Remolina Membership

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