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Hello! I’m Dr. Carole Swiecicki, a licensed clinical psychologist with a 15 year career in helping people overcome trauma. I am also an infertility survivor, an IVF warrior, and a mom.

The idea for Remolina was sparked when I was in the midst of my struggle with infertility. My journey involved many years, three fertility clinics, and pretty much every ART test and intervention available. As a psychologist specializing in increasing access to evidence-based services for trauma survivors, I knew that there were resources that could be tailored to help manage the stress and emotion that comes with infertility. I would meet with the nurse at my fertility clinic and share my thoughts about resources I thought needed to be available. She frequently said, “Yes! YOU need to make those available.” I took it as a complement and continued on in my journey.

After seven long years, we were fortunate to have a daughter – a result of my fifth pregnancy. After four consecutive losses, I learned that pregnancy after infertility carries its own set of stressors. Again, thoughts for resources on managing pregnancy after loss and trauma swirled in my brain. This time I shared them with my OB/GYN, who agreed these resources were needed.

As a new parent, I again realized that this part of the journey is unique. There is space needed to connect with other mothers who have come to this journey after infertility. To gain information and support for connection and attachment filtered through the lens that comes from yearning for this role, even though the days are sometimes long. Sharing my ideas with my husband, he agreed – and even added that he would like resources to be available for partners, as their journey is unique as well.

The word, remolina, means “to whirl” or “to twirl,” and describes the flight of the maple (“helicopter”) seed, symbolizing new growth and beginnings.  In its flight, the maple seed is whimsical, light, and carefree.

When my daughter was a toddler, I realized it was time to make changes in my work-life balance. The need for improved access to evidence-based support for infertility also weighed on my mind. My approach to life and work is to do research and set a plan – I scoured resources looking for my ideas already out there – and I realized that there was simply a gap. I joined the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), including their Mental Health Professional Group, and completed ASRM Mental Health Professional trainings. Behavioral health and emotional/behavioral support has years of research, but these have not been well applied to or made widely available for the fertility, pregnancy and parenting journey, particularly in the way we hope to with Remolina.

In 2021, Remolina Support Programs became a reality! 

“Behavioral health has years of research, but these have not been well applied to or made widely available for the fertility, pregnancy and parenting journies, particularly in the way we hope to with Remolina.”

My goal is for Remolina to make research-supported, trauma-informed mental health, coping, and support accessible to everyone who is struggling to conceive or managing pregnancy or parenthood after infertility and/or loss.

Our first course, on coping with trying to conceive, was made available in July 2021. We re-imagined this course and created a free lesson and workbook, Breaking Free from Fertility Stress, in 2023. We have also developed courses that walk alongside conception cycles like Ovulation Induction with IUI and IVF Egg Retrieval, providing education on common emotional and behavioral reactions by week, and providing coping resources and activities tailored to each week.

In 2023, we also broadened our reach to support women in the many phases of their lives – building a career, navigating pregnancy after loss or infertility, and the transition to motherhood. So many of these roles involve stress, and we aim to your journey a bit easier. We are so happy you are here.

Everyone’s journey is unique.

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